BORDIGA CENTUM HERBIS 28% HERBAL LIQ Herbal Liqueur; Piedmont, Italy

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Primary Botanicals: mint leaves, thyme, genepy, juniper, Artemisia absinthium, fennel, lavendar, genzianella, china bark, genziana, mace, eucalyptus. Latin for ‘one hundred herbs’, this type of bitter alpine liqueur was traditionally made by monks and consumed in the alps of France and Italy. French Chartreuse is another example. Botanicals are individually infused for 20-50 days, rested, blended with alpine water and beet sugar, and rested again. Vermouth, amari, gin and liqueurs from the Piedmontese Alps Since 1888. Bordiga makes all their own individual infusions, and many of the wild plants used, such as gentian, juniper and chamomile, are still picked by hand in the Alps nearby. Everything they do is made in-house using old recipes written by founder Pietro Bordiga himself.
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