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Pinot Noir is such the perfect grape when it's "done right." And this bottling of Red Quartz Pinot, from Chile's Casablanca Valley D.O., is not only done right, it's also a heck of a bargain for the high quality of wine found within the bottle!

The nose is a lovely mixture of red fruits, cherries and berries, and dusty underbrush, incense and minerality. Complex! Inviting! The palate takes the red fruits and runs with it as tastes of raspberries, cherries, cranberries and pomegranate fill the glass and profile. Notes of cedar, forest floor and garrique add depth, and bright, forward acidity keeps the wine lively and uplifting-- and will help cut through some of the rich foods we envision enjoying with this one! The finish lingers with notes of cherry lambic, underbrush and ground clove. Beautiful wine!

Red Quartz is a small production Pinot Noir from the coastal mountain vineyards in Chile's Casablanca Valley, 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean with direct exposure to the cool marine climate. Winemaker Vicente Johnson spent many years in California (making wine and earning his MBA at Sonoma State) and their locale in Chile reminds him of the landscapes of Coastal Sonoma. The soils here are mainly granitic with high presence of Quartz under a layer of sand and red clay, tainting the quartz in a red/orange color. Red Quartz Pinot Noir is a unique wine coming from this special location.
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    11th Apr 2024

    Trasiego Red Quartz Pinot Noir

    An excellent value for a tasty Pinot.

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