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Ron Abuelo is Panamanian rum aged for a minimum of 7 years and made at a distillery that has been family owned for 3 generations and distilled from estate grown sugar cane. The nose shows tea, cocoa, fresh cut lumber, caramel, honey, wood spices and leather. These scents achieve a balanced demonstration on the palate with added floral tones and the slightest bit of alcohol showing through. The rich, full mouth feel lingers onto the finish with a spicy warmth that reveals earthy vanilla and restates leather, baking spice, toffee and caramel. This is a delicious, giving rum. Try it neat, with ice or in a spirit forward beverage.
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    5th Feb 2024

    Ron Moore

    Fabulous Bargain

    Fabulous Rum. Perhaps the best value of all rums for the money. The taste is so good that the 12 year version, which is slightly smoother, loses some of the rich flavor of the 7 year version. The Varella family also produced the current President of Panama who is a son of the "Abuelo", founder of the company.

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