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As confirmed by Bertrand Lilbert, the Non-Vintage Blanc de Blancs we carry with the code L14 01, has a base wine composed of 60% 2010 + 40% 2011.

The non-vintage and vintage Champagnes have pin-point bubbles and intense aromas of lime,green apple, hay, and dried apricot. These are beautiful expressions of minerally Chardonnay,with elegance, subtlety, and gorgeous fruit that is not dressed up by excessively sweet dosages(5-15 grams of sugar is the range for brut, but chez Lilbert stays within 6-8g and their Champagne's pressure is lower than the norm). As Andrew Jefford observes in his book, The New France, This tiny 4-ha Cramant domaine is the source of some very fine and long-lived Blanc de Blancs madeby Georges Lilbert and his son Bertrand. The style is less soft, creamy, and flowery than the Blancde Blancs of most large houses might leave the drinker expecting: Cramant here has a taut, steely,rigorous quality....
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