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The La Sorcière Absinthes are made by the newly established Old World Spirits in local Belmont, CA, Croatian-born master distiller Davorin Kuchan has brought his family tradition of craft spirits to the Bay Area. The spirit is brandy-based and is distilled from wine made by local California growers. The Bleue is clear and without the standard greenish tint seen with most absinthes because all the maceration is done pre-distillation, meaning that the flavor needs to be strong enough to transfer over into the finished spirit. That's a difficult tast, but Davroin pulls it off. The flavors are more ginger and spice, rather than herbal, but the result is still beautiful. La Sorcière has gotten rave reviews from the Wormwood Society, and from us here as well. We are very happy to have them on our shelves.
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