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"It's the most wonderful time of the year..." Of course, we are talking about Dry French Rose season which is just starting; we loved this one so much, we made it our wine of the month. Juliette comes from the Provence region of Southern France, home of the most exquisite and traditional rose wines in the world (and you'll see many more in the next few months!). Produced at the maison of Domaine de La Sangliere, Juliette is a true expression of a traditional Provencal rose wine.

The Style - Juliette is refreshing and elegant, bone dry rose wine, with layers of lively fruit and a bright, smooth finish-just the way a true rose wine from Southern France should be.

Tasting Notes - Elegant and pretty, soft fruits resonate in the nose with layers of mixed melons, plantain, ripe peach and a touch of creme fraiche. The palate is hugely lush yet tempered with acidity. Minerally notes and stone fruits dance with light brown spices and a touch of sea salt/salt air-and the finish echoes with gently receding fruit flavors.

Pairing Notes - Juliette is also an exceptional food wine that pairs with so many different types of cuisines. While Juliette serves an excellent stand alone aperitif wine, Juliette is a perfect pair for grilled fish, seafood, steamed fish, lobster, shellfish, bouillabaisse and other traditional Provencal cuisine.
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