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The Mascot is one of the newer wine labels from the famed Harlan family, but this's the younger Will Harlan! Although Will Harlan grew up running around the winery, hand-turning de-stemmers, and eating grapes off the vines in his family's backyard, he never quite thought he'd become a winemaker. The Mascot began early on as an experiment, after talking the family and winemaking team into sparing a few barrels of wine - produced from their younger vines - to explore a blend of Will's own. In the first few years, before it had a label or a name, it was just a wine shared with friends and family. It wasn’t until the 2008 vintage, The Mascot's first official release, that he had enough to share with new friends.

Made from the younger vines of Harlan Estate, BOND, and Promontory, The Mascot shares a unique glimpse into the evolution of the Harlan Family's winegrowing estates. Vines that have all the pedigree of the land, and would one day be considered for the "grand vins" of their estates. This Cabernet is a hedonistic blend of power and balance; expressive and approachable early in its life, with potential to evolve well into the future. In the resulting wine, aromas suggest cool, fragrant mists, an intermingling of bright fruit with gentle florals, and traces of fresh, wild herbs. A sip reveals a polished core—a soft, inviting texture bonded by strength. These playful curves resolve towards an elevated finish, as well as light, colorful notes that dance on the palate—and entice the imagination.
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