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WINE ADVOCATE 95 POINTS - "The NV Very Old Tawny Port Kingsman Edition is a field blend bottled in 2020 with an average time in barrel of 90 years. It has 206 grams of residual sugar and a bar-top cork. As always, old Tawnies are simply a joy to just smell, but that's nowhere near the best part here. Unctuous in texture and very concentrated, this still manages to be rather elegant, with some brightness and lift to the fruit to go with the power on the finish. It does show its age a bit on opening, but it held perfectly for the relatively short time I had with it. The finish is more dark molasses than caramel, as befits a very old and aging Tawny. The key here, though, is the combination of brightness with the unctuous and almost creamy texture. The two make an enchanting combination that leads to a long, lively and tasty finish. This is pretty fine, and you would expect nothing less from a special presentation by Taylor's. The winery's website mentions a touch of British humor regarding this bottling (and its connection to the Kingsman film series), but there's nothing funny about this. It's pretty serious stuff."

Taylor Fladgate Very Old Tawny Port - Kingsman Edition is a very rare Tawny Port of great age matured for approximately 80-90 years in hand-made seasoned oak casks.

To create this exclusive limited edition, Taylor Fladgate agreed to release some rare and valuable wines from its extensive reserves of very old cask-aged Port laying in its cellars in Oporto. These reserves include a small treasury of priceless, historically important wines each representing a very small volume. A few rare gems from this collection, only used in exceptional circumstances, were carefully selected by Taylor Fladgate’s expert blenders to produce the Kingsman Edition Port.

The individual wines were then meticulously assembled, using Taylor Fladgate’s heritage of experience in the art of blending, and then left to marry together for several months in cask until the blend was judged to have reached its peak of balance and harmony.

HI-TIME TASTING NOTE: This is an exceptionally made port, with lots of extract, and notes of figs, caramel, brown sugar, browned butter, Christmas pudding and tamarind. Very dense and rich with good acidity, it is seamless on the palate with a lenghty finish.

Presented in a bespoke crystal decanter with gold detailing and a wooden presentation box, Taylor Fladgate Kingsman Edition Port was created not only for Kingsman devotees but also for connoisseurs and collectors of fine and rare wines around the world. A very limited number of 700 bottles have been produced.
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