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Roku is produced in the Suntory Liqueur Atelier at Osaka Plant, a specialized craft distillery for Suntory spirits. The Atelier features four distinct types of pot stills, and in a process unique to Roku, the botanicals are distilled separately according to each feature to extract the best flavor and maintain their individual characteristics. For instance, the delicate scent of cherry blossom is drawn out through vacuum distillation in stainless pot stills, whereas the deep flavor of yuzu is achieved by distillation in copper pot stills. Roku’s complex yet harmonious flavor is the result of the unique Japanese sensitivity captured in the blending of the carefully crafted extracts of the 14 botanicals.

Nose: Cherry blossom and green tea provide a floral and sweet aroma.

Palate: Complex, multi layered, yet harmonious flavour of various botanicals. Traditional gin taste in the base, plus characteristic Japanese botanical notes with yuzu as the top note. Smooth and silky texture.

Finish: The crisp Japanese sansho pepper brings a little spiciness to the finish.
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