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About the artist,
Original Artwork by Kate Tova
Distilled by MGP – Lawrenceburg, IN
Selected by Joshua Thinnes
Serial Code 10BL23

Kate Tova is a contemporary artist based in San Francisco known for her powerful & vibrant multimedia artworks. Originally from Balakovo, Russia, Kate demonstrated special talent in visual arts as a child and gained recognition across Europe and the United States. After moving to New Orleans in 2015, she became a full-time artist and later settled in San Francisco. Her work has received awards and critical acclaim worldwide, appearing on music records, in magazines, TV shows, news, and commercials. Kate is a passionate supporter of charity organizations that focus on women, animal welfare, and environmental issues. Through her art, she raises awareness and advocates for these important causes.

COLLECTOR EDITION SETS 15 STELLAR Collector Edition Sets are available. Each set includes an embellished and signed bottle, a signed and matching numbered archival print of the artwork, and a corresponding edition numbered certificate of authenticity (NFT).


The intent behind STELLAR bourbon was simple; create an exceptional blend of bourbons in a larger volume than I had ever created before that would appease both the seasoned and new whiskey drinker alike.
STELLAR Bourbon consists of a constellation of seven barrels. It is comprised of 6yr, 7yr, and 8yr straight bourbon whiskey, distilled from the two MGP rye-bourbon mash bills. 90% is made from 'low-rye' bourbon mash (75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Barley), and 10% from 'high-rye' bourbon mash (60% Corn, 36% Rye, 4% Barley).
The seven barrels spent their life aging in new charred American oak from Speyside Cooperage, with a portion of the whiskey spending additional time in five different finishing casks. The final blend yielded roughly 288 gallons and went into a marriage tank at cask strength of 112.86 proof where it rested for two weeks before being cut to 100 proof. It spent an additional 6 weeks resting before being bottled without filtration.

20% – 2 mos Fresh PlumpJack Estate Cabernet cask
20% – 3 mos Fresh Hanzell Estate Chardonnay cask
15% – 3 mos French Oak from Subtle Spirits, HODL #22
15% – 2 mos French Oak from Subtle Spirits, QUIXOTIC
15% – 2 mos European Oak from Subtle Spirits, Paper Trail
15% – New charred #4 Speyside Cooperage casks


Nose: The nose is confounding like the stars of the solar system. The provenance is hard to place when the flavors seem lightyears away from the typical MGP profile. Initial starbursts of red fruits like currants and cherry aromas pop from the glass.

Palate: These are supported with the sweet enveloping aromas of fresh caramel and vanilla and brought into balance by a savory cinnamon and allspice. The palate is where the elements fuse together. The sweet, savory, and spicy flavors are all in concert with each other. In a word... simply STELLAR.

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