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Jason Momoa and Blaine Halvorson!

We had a couple of special visitors this week to Hi-Time as they wanted to introduce their Vodka personally-- and like the personalities and craftsmen these two are, with their plethora of talents and passions, Meili Vodka stands out amongst the crowd and is one of the best vodkas we’ve had in years!

History: Meili's founders, Jason Momoa and Blaine Halvorson, are two brothers cut from the same cloth. "We've always shared an obsession with the process, the craft - the ethos behind it all. How something is constructed and what makes it unique. A creation that possessed the best elements of each of us. Seven years ago, we embarked on the journey to create Meili together. To not only tell our story but to bring others along with us; to craft the best vodka on the planet."

Water: The essence of life and coincidentally Vodka is 60% water. Meili begins with an ancient 300 million-year-old aquifer formation, delivering alpine snow and rainfall through miles of caverns, where it finally is collected through natural springs in Montana. Their water is one of the purest water sources found on earth according to EPA standards and requires no form of filtration and is the keystone to the Meili recipe.

This Land is Your Land: Meili is committed to bringing the purest, natural ingredients possible to consumers-- and their grains are no excepton. They strictly control the quality of their grains through their own farms, operated by the same family through multiple generations, and are located just miles away from the distillery. The body of Meili is a pleasing, harmonious marriage of native and seasonal grains, producing a smooth, bright and effortless flavor profile.

Estate Grown: The Meili Distillery is located in Bozeman, Montana, ensuring that their ingredients are always fresh and remain untainted through long travel times or other variables that may compromise the integrity of their spirits. The overall quality of their ingredients allows their distillers to simplify their own processes as well, for a flavor profile that is refreshing, unpolluted and utterly unique. Due to the relative locations of their ingredients, they retain the absolute smallest carbon footprint possible. To honor the Earth, they ensure that Meili is sourced and produced as ethically, environmentally friendly and humanely as possible.

Our Tasting Notes
Nose: Slight hint of white flowers, morning dew, river water, minerality, coconut husk.

Palate: hint of sweet cereal grains, medium viscosity, a breath of citrus, salinity, sushi rice. Clean, lovely.

However you like your vodka (room temperature, freezer-cold, in a cocktail), Meili will make an immediate impression and work perfectly in literally every imbibing situation.

This bottle stands out from the crowd with its unique antique texture, organic imperfections, and subtle green hue - an appropriate vessel for our outstanding spirit. Using the industries first 100% post-consumer recycled glass, Meili ensures no two bottles are alike.
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