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We just got in a limited allocation of one of our favorite rosados, which are the Spanish take on rosés...but these are not your typical wines! They are the characterful liquid landscapes from the Los Bermejos winery, who sources fruit from the slopes of volcanoes in one of the wildest winemaking regions in the world: the island of Lanzarote in the Canary archipelago. Off the coast of Morrocco, 75 miles into the Atlantic Ocean, this is an arid landscape formed by volcanic ash and pummeled by hot, dry winds from the Sahara during the growing season. The locals have it figured out, though, as wine grapes have been grown here since the 1400s when Spain colonized the islands! To reach more fertile soil, the top layer of sand is dug out, and vines are planted in the craters. To help counter damaging winds, little stone walls are placed around the vines. With a limited amount of moisture and nutrients in the ground, plants need to be widely spaced. To some people, the resulting vineyards look like a moonscape...if the moon had gorgeous beaches!

There's not a lot of wine made, as the struggling vines produce few grapes. But the grapes are more concentrated, making the freshly arrived 2022 Los Bermejos Rosado more structured, concentrated and wild in character compared to the classic rosés of Provence! It's made from the Listan Negro variety (the historic Pais/Mission grape in the Americas), which survived here thanks in part to the sandy volcanic soils: they're inhospitable to the invasive pest that ravaged Europe's vineyards starting in the 1800s. These are truly wines of this unique place!

This medium-bodied rosado has aromas and flavors of strawberry, pomegranate, and citrus (like tangerine), countered by citrus pith, savory herb, and a volcanic, saline mineral flair. The fleshiness of sunny, ripe Listan Negro is etched through by a gently bracing structure, with a firm vibrancy and slight grip to the palate, creating the sensation of mineral currents in the wine. This is a delicious wine for any season, and flexibly pairs with flavor-rich tagines and fish dishes, grilled chicken, and citrusy salads!
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