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The Código 1530 founders value the time-honored art of premium tequila and mezcal making and the natural evolution has brought them to join forces to refine and bring two new premium mezcals to the market. With an appreciation for the skill and patience needed to create an authentic, high-quality spirit, the Código 1530 mezcals have flavor profiles that are smooth on the palate, with subtle smoke to sip alone or layer into an interesting cocktail. The Ancestral expression keeps with the ancient process and honors the origins of mezcal, the people producing it, and the region of Oaxaca. Because no machines or automation are involved in the process, the higher priced mezcal, Ancestral, is even more rare and has a different profile than the Artesanal mezcal. The agave is mashed by hand using a wooden stick, the fermentation is done in a leather vat, and the distillation in clay pots. This can only be done by a master distiller with vast experience and knowledge of mezcal, which is what makes this process so valued and appreciated. This unique mezcal is inherently sustainable because the process is so slow, and so careful, that overproduction is not possible. There are no machines anywhere in their ancestral process, and the fermentation vats, stills, and pestle have been used for generations.

Tasting Notes,

Nose: A sweet, earthy nose.

Palate: Notes of honey, tobacco and salinity from clay can be tasted, followed by bright minerality, vanilla.

Finish: Cantaloupe and hazelnut to finish.
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