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In 2014, Will Arvin and Wes Murry, two friends from nearby Lexington, Kentucky, purchased the property and buildings that were once known as the ‘old Taylor distillery.’ What they acquired was a distillery built in 1887 by Col. E.H. Taylor, the man often referred to as the Father of Modern Bourbon and one of the chief architects of the 1897 Bottled-in-Bond Act. The historic distillery shut down in 1972 when brown spirits fell out of favor and clear spirits like vodka took over. The property and all its buildings were left for dead. It was even sold for scrap at one point. Thankfully, the crashing of the economy in 2008 saved it from salvage as it continued to decay and the weeds began to take over until these two hardy souls took over and began the multi-million dollar, multi-year renovation project that is now a shining jewel on the world famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail. -

Restoration Rye Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes
An absolute stunner. The first release under the Castle & Key Distillery name when they reopened, this is a rye whiskey worth the wait. Distilled from 63% rye, 20% malted rye and 17% corn, it is an elegant and supple pour. On the nose, resinous rye spice leads with mint, wintergreen and peppermint following closely behind. In the background honeyed oak, apricot, plum and resh clove linger. Ripe stone fruits explode on the palate before a wave of sweeter, candied flavors wash in followed by rich rye spice, providing a wonderfully layered experience. The finish is balanced and quite nice with fruit outlasting spice.

Nose: Raw grain, 'Captain Crunch', turkish delight, fruit stripe gum, anise, malty, fragrant and complex.

Palate: Caramel, light rye spice, loads of malt.

Finish: Rye spice, malty, medium length.

106 Proof, 2022 Batch No. 3
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