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The Cannonball dive is a dive for the people. It doesn't discriminate against body type, race, religion, political affiliation, social status, or fashion sense. And if you've never done a Cannonball, then you'd better just put this newsletter down (or turn off your computer), go find a body of water, and dive in! When you're jumping into the water on a beautiful summer day (or winter, if it's warm enough), with nothing on your mind except leaping high, balling up tight, and making a splash that is going to get as many people wet as possible, that moment you're in the air might be the best feeling you can have with your swimsuit on.

Now you may think that a wine company called Cannonball is not very serious. They actually address that: "True, we try not to take ourselves too seriously, but that's because wine should be enjoyable. Now don't get us wrong. We're serious about quality, honesty, and enjoying life. And, we're dead serious about spreading our love and passion for wine by offering great wines at great prices."

This is seriously delicious wine. The nose is aloft with earth, spice and fruit; strawberry tea, cherries, garden rose, a touch of bramble. The palate loads up more fruit with cherries in the fore, easy tannins, light acidity; this is bold but balanced wine. Mid-palate, we taste cocoa and oak, mixed berries like in a compote, with sweet cherry dominating the lengthy finish.

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