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Guenoc is part of the Langtry Estate, purchased by well-known personality and actress Lillie Langtry (1853-1929) in 1888. The Langtry Estate is located in the picturesque Guenoc Valley of Lake County, CA. With over 23,000 acres of land (Lillie’s initial purchase was for 4,200 acres), Langtry’s vast property spans throughout Lake County and into the northern tip of Napa Valley.

The Guenoc Lake County Wines are produced at their Lake County Winery from primarily estate grown fruit. Known as perennial “best buys”, these wines deliver the goods when it comes to quality-- and once the wine buyers tasted it, we knew we had “The One” when this was featured as a "Wine of the Month" (we’re suckers for excellent juice at fair prices!).

The nose on this California Cab is classic California-- plenty of ripe red fruits, cherries, redcurrant, with a layer of carob/chocolate and earthy dust. In the mouth, the fruit flavors are quite forward, with sweet cherries again in the lead, as cherry cousins (cola, lambic, Kirsch) tag along. Acidity is ample and keeps the sweet fruit honest as a hint of rose petal and more loamy earth and a brush of cocoa expands the profile. This is both an easy-drinker and comfy quaffer-- but it also keeps one foot in the erudite row of wine profiles with depth and range of flavors, full frontal acidity and smooth tannins.
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