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Elderflower has long been revered in Scandinavia and across northern Europe, and not just because its fragrance signifies the start of summer. This reverence is so ancient, that funeral flints in the shape of Elder tree leaves have been found dating as far back as 2,000 BC.
According to tradition, Hyldemoer, the powerful nymph Elder Mother, resided in the Elder tree and could bestow blessings as well as punishments upon people. The deciduous tree was believed to ward off evil and bring good fortune to expectant mothers. Dried Elder tree leaves are meant to protect the home when hung over a threshold. In addition, elderflower has been widely believed to be medicinal across a range of ailments, from tooth pain to swollen sinuses.
While today most Scandinavians no longer hold many of these ancient beliefs, such as politely greeting the elder when you come upon it, the sambucus nigra is still widely beloved for its beauty, bouquet, and taste.
Today Bertina elderflower is made from elderflowers, and ethanol You need about a quart of elderflowers to make a quart of elderflower liqueur in addition to the grain spirit and other secret ingredients. Once the formula is completed, the elderflower elixir sits for some 3 weeks to mature and create the beautiful taste sensation that we like to call the Most delicate taste.

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Delicate, yet prominent taste profile, lychee, floral flavors.
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  • 5

    16th Feb 2022


    Bertina elderflower

    Delicate but deep taste! Excellent

  • 5

    15th Feb 2022


    Exquiste taste, strong but delicate!

    I wish everyday would end with this !

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