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How can an organic, biodynamic Italian sparkling rosé taste this good for such a reasonable price? We are absolutely smitten with this wine. This would definitely open some eyes if placed in a blind tasting against pricier bottlings of other sparkling wines-- it would more than hold its own! Le Monde, our Wine of the Month 2, is perfect for the hot days and sultry nights of August-- it's a sparkling Pinot Noir from Friuli that will charm and refresh all who partake. This is made for patios and back yards, summer evenings and relaxation. Poolside, beachside, vacation, on the boat, wherever-- this is the one. The dosage is very low (6 grams per liter) placing it in "Extra Brut" territory but the fruit flavors and scents are so welcoming and delicious. And at 11.5% abv it won't weigh you down in the warm weather.

The nose starts with a hint of bread dough but quickly allows the fruit profile to take over: raspberry, dark cherry, kriek lambic with a touch of rose petal. The bubbles are extra fine and lead to flavors reiterated from nosing: more red berries (cherries and raspberries) that are delicate but pronounced and meld seamlessly with a layer of minerality leading to a finish that adds a soupçon of white peach. Appropriate acidity keeps the overall body clean without becoming overbearing, allowing the fruit to shine. Food wine? You bet! (But with enough overall equanimity to enjoy on its own).

Le Monde lies between the banks of the Livenza and Meduna rivers, close to the border between the provinces of Treviso and Pordenone in Friuli Grave in the northeast corner of Italy. The winery headquarters, built in the eighteenth century, maintains the architectural characteristics of the time. Originally property of the Pistoni family, the wine farm together with the vineyards was acquired by Alex Maccan in 2008. Alex is now the owner and winemaker. The grapes come from vines with 39 years of age on them, grown on argillaceous, calcareous soils, rich in micro-elements.

Pair with seafood starters, cold cuts, light charcuterie, sushi and more. 11.5% abv, 6 g/l dosage.
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