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We were thrilled to taste this wine and knew pretty much immediately it was the one to take the vaunted spotlight as our December Wine of the Month. This is a wine we want to definitely 'crow' about, knowing that people will enjoy it at their family gatherings, office parties, holiday celebrations and, really, any old time you want a great wine at a great price.

"This tastes like real wine!" was the comment from more than one of our wine buyers. In the age of engineered bottlings of vino, especially at the price points we try and stay near for this category, it is indeed refreshing to taste a 'real wine' after trying too many doctored concoctions. This "Big Rooster" Cab is the real deal!

The nose is overflowing with brilliant red fruits, ripe cherries, off-the-vine raspberries and red plum. A hint of bramble, earth, cola nut and leather play supporting cast to the primary fruit scents.

In the mouth, the fruit is still the star of the show. Bright, ripe flavors of fresh red plums, mixed red berries and Boysenberry are balanced by silky tannins and brisk acidity. Fruitful enough to enjoy solo, this will also pair well with holiday meals, late season barbecues (C'mon-- football!) and just about any hearty foods (steaks, chops, prime rib) you can think of. Further flavors in the back palate include black tea, mixed spices and dark chocolate. The finish is filled with bright, brilliant, lush fruits, lasting minutes and minutes.

Certified Green & Sustainable
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