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The Trentadue family arrived in Sonoma County long before the region gained a reputation as the "Wine Country." Life-long, hands-on agriculturists, Evelyn and Leo Trentadue contributed significantly to the advancement of their region over the years. In 1959, the Trentadues decided to flee the developers encroaching on their apricot and cherry orchards in Sunnyvale, the area known today around the world as Silicon Valley. To preserve their way of life, these hard-working Italian ranchers purchased 208 acres of land in Sonoma County's then remote Alexander Valley.

The OPR is one of those wines that drinks way above what the price may suggest-- something we aim to find every month when hunting for the best wine to feature as our Wine of the Month. Like better wineries everywhere, from Bordeaux to Burgundy, Napa to Willamette, Trentadue has a 'value tier' of wine when compared to their flagship bottlings. Often, and certainly the case here, the 'value' wines reflect the quality found in the pricier bottles while taking it easy on the wallet. One of the main reasons we have a monthly program is to find wines like this-- great everyday drinkers we can enjoy on a daily basis without draining the bank account.

The nose is rife with extracted fruit, plums and ripe black raspberries, with a touch of candle wax and rose bush adding some depth and dimension. The palate continues with the forward fruit-- so tasty! Think cherries, plums and a mixed berry compote making for harmonious flavorings on the tongue. Soft acidity and mild tannins help to keep the wine in balance as a layer of wood spice hits mid-palate. The finish adds a touch of black pepper and cacao bean to make for a very enjoyable, zen-like balanced wine.

"A never ending quest of mine is "demystifying" wine by educating and preaching the gospel of simplicity and natural affinity of wine and food to everyday life and anybody's lifestyle. Trentadue is a special place where, family, terroir, food and wine, past and present, take their own unique form and stay in the minds of thousands of winery visitors and loyal Trentadue fans each year. Cheers!" -Miro Tcholakov, Winemaker
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  • 5

    3rd Aug 2022

    Peter Christoffersen

    OPR Great Tasting and Value

    This is one of the best everyday drinking values I have enjoyed in several years. Have shared with numerous friends and all have commented how well the wine presents itself right out of the bottle. Would STRONGLY suggest to anyone looking for a everyday value.

  • 5

    20th Apr 2022


    OPR Recommendation

    I strongly recommend this wine for anyone looking for a full bodied and affordable bottle of wine that drinks well for everyday consumption and in particular for those who don’t know wines as it a great value and its well liked by those who I have poured it for.