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Costa Mesa, CA. 92627

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This wine is unlike any other Malbec we have ever tried. The Zuccardi's are pioneers of single vineyard, micro-climate wines in the Uco Valley and are taking Argentine winemaking to the next level of quality and refinement. Now, the Zuccardi's have crafted a Malbec which is fermented and aged in concrete vats. The emphasis of Concreto is on the pure fruit flavor of Malbec grapes, rather than flavors influenced by oak.

We were floored when we experienced this varietal in its unadorned state with its intense aromatics and amazing complexity. We feel this "Naked Malbec" is so pure that it does not need to be clothed in oak! This wine is a transparent example of the Zuccardi pedigree and their ability to showcase Malbec in its purest possible expression.
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