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The last time you knocked back soju was probably during a late night Korean barbecue romp, the bracingly harsh liquor swiping your palate clean of kimchi and beef. With a vodka meets sake flavor, soju is the wildly popular South Korean spirit, usually about 20 percent ABV, distilled from grains, sweet potato or even tapioca. Most Korean restaurants, whether in New York or Los Angeles, stock the ubiquitous green label, aka "cheap hell in a bottle." But that's not to say high-end soju brands don't exist. They do, but most are produced in small batches and don't make it overseas to the U.S. (save for Hwayo). Enter Yobu Soju, the first ever grape-distilled, domestically-produced soju, clocking at 23 percent ABV and made up in New York's Finger Lakes region from local grapes, yeast and Finger Lakes water. This pure, silky, and clean-tasting spirit, with faint fruit flavors, contains no added sweeteners like many lower tier brands. Founders/couple James Kumm (owner of NYC's Landmark Wines) and Carolyn Kim noticed Manhattan's growing breed of innovative Korean eateries, yet realized the absence of a quality Korean spirit on par with such food. Explains Kumm "...we wanted something with more nuance and elegance." Write-up courtesy of Eater.com.
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