Wine Bar

Hi-Time Wine Cellars Wine BarOur featured wine tastings are Thursday through Saturday and range in price from $20 to $150 dependng on the wines being poured. At these tastings we pour between 8 and 12 wines.

Every Tuesday night we have a $10 tasting with up to 5 wines being poured. We also have beer and sake tastings (see schedule below) along with wine classes.

Our Napa Technology Wine Stations are open daily. Customers can buy a pre-loaded tasting card and select wines by the taste, half glass or full glass. Our wine stations are changed regularly and make it very easy to try new things.

We also do private tastings (click HERE for more info on private tastings) so if you are interested in a corporate or private group tasting at our wine bar please give us a call 800-331-3005. A current schedule is listed below: 

Tastings and Events:

Our wine bar is closed until further notice!

Virtual Tastings:

There are no virtual tastings scheduled at this time.