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  3. HANGAR ONE FOG POINT VODKA 750 1bt limit

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    Jewel of Russia is crafted in the traditional style from a blend of premium rye, hardy winter wheat and artesian spring water. Packaged in a beautiful hand-painted bottle. Only natural ingredients and ancient recipes are used in making the Jewel of Russia vodka. The brand's top priority is to preserve the distinctive and authentic character of traditional Russian Vodka, while achieving the highest level of smoothness. Reviving old traditions: the drink of the czars, the Jewel of Russia Ultra is made from a centuries-old recipe, hard winter wheat and rye and deep artisian well water. The Jewel of Russia Ultra is a limited-edition vodka that undergoes additional rectification and slow-flow filtration to achieve purity and smoothness.
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    RussiaVery clean and neutral on the nose with just a whisper of toasted grain. The initial mouth feel is sumptuous and velvety, and yet still light. As the vodka lingers in the mouth its character unfolds with classic wheated notes of aniseed and pepper, into a very long, soft spicy finish.
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