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When the mercury starts its annual climb we know it's time for a wine just like this Shannon Ridge "High Elevation" Chardonnay. We need something refreshing and lively, not too heavy, loaded with flavor and easy on the wallet. This one has it all! We tried this a few months ago and were impressed with its across-the-board credentials. First, it's delicious. Second, the winery utilizes sustainable practices (including a flock of sheep that cleans the vineyards, removes the excess canopy, and reduces the need for chemicals, while providing natural fertilizer). Third, it drinks way over its price niveau, giving Chardonnay and white wine lovers a ton of "bang for the buck" (while synthesizing multiple elements found in the Chardonnay spectrum to create a greater whole). And with summer icumen in, this is what we'll be sipping on the porch, by the pool, on the boat or beach.

The High Elevation Collection is a careful blend of three appellations within Lake County. The clusters from High Valley bring citrus and acidity, the Red Hills Appellation contributes lush fruit and ripe characteristics, and Big Valley grapes add grassiness and mineral tones to these lively wines. The ABV is 13.8% and the wine sees 6 months in a mix of French and American oak.

The nose is luscious and rich with hints of Golden Delicious apple, creme fraiche, vanilla and coconut with background notes of cedar, oak and a slight citrus zest. The palate reveals mixed tropical fruits, from pineapple to plantain, all enwrapped in a medium body that is both rich yet lively with enough acidity to keep it aloft and refreshing. Light brown spices and toasty touches lead to a lengthy finish of sweet fruit and a touch of cream and minerality. You may have seen any number of wine memes across your social media account utilizing this quote from Galileo Galilei: "Wine is sunlight, held together by water." This Chard, with its panoply of scents, flavors and texture, is a hella good bottle to put next to it.
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