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A fine delicate nose revealing only subtle quiet oak, seems almost to be hiding the rye spiciness- saving it for a surprise. Sweet and sour counterpoise, and merge on the tastebuds a textbook of rye's traditional flavors leading furtively to rye zest. From sourdough toast with quince jam, to allspice, and nutmeg peppery tingle on the tongue. Crisp, clean and highly pleasurable. This is a fantastic sipper (neat, with a splash of water, or on the rocks), but it is an absolute WINNER as a mixer.
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    28th Jun 2021

    Vince V

    RittenHouse Review

    Without a doubt one of the best Rye whiskies for the price. This an absolute workhorse for any cocktail and my go-to Rye Whiskey for mixing. I would not say this is a great sippin' whiskey but it has a nice fruity and light peppery taste. It blends well with other flavors without being overpowering The higher ABV also adds to the overall good flavor. I highly recommend this bottle and I always keep a bottle on hand.