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Powers Gold Label is a complex spice and honeyed taste experience. Every drop is triple distilled, with more cut from the top and tail of the second and third Pot Still charges. This means only the purest heart of the distillate is captured. Our distillate is then left to mature in select American oak casks which allows our Pot Still style whiskey to shine. Powers Gold Label is blended with the finest grain whiskey, also exclusively matured in American oak casks. Finally, a proprietary Powers production technique enables a non-chill filtration at 40% ABV – unique amongst Irish whiskey.

The Powers John's Lane Distillery was renowned for its fine Irish whiskeys, bursting with flavor and character and made famous by one of Ireland's most popular brands, Powers Gold Label.

James Powers founded Powers Irish Whiskey back in 1791. He created a single pot still Irish Whiskey. This incredible style originated from Ireland. The unmalted and malted barley gives off a great texture and is then triple-distilled in copper pots.
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