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Pilcrow was founded by wine-industry veteran Sara Beer. Raised in the United States by European parents, Sara discovered her passion for food, wine, and travel early in life. Taking on the role of winemaker was a new one for Sara. She has been the grateful beneficiary of tremendous tutoring from many role models, mentors, and friends. Her role models include those who have made some of the great wines dotting the hillsides of the Napa Valley; think Mayacamas, Diamond Creek, and Dunn. Her mentors include some of the most thoughtful vintners in both the new world and the old, including John Williams, Jean-Michel Comme, and Jean-Nicolas Meo. Her friends—including Marco DiGiulio, Keith Emerson and Toshiaki Wakayama—have helped define, challenge, and develop the wine itself.

Granite Lake does not just reside in the Howell Mountain AVA, it is on the ridgeline of the mountain itself. The soils are dusty and red, rich in iron and volcanic debris deposited during the valley's turbulent, secondary eruptions. Combining this low-vigor soil, 10% slope and 2,300 feet of elevation and you have the perfect recipe for a classically-styled Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. Granite Lake Cabernet Sauvignon interprets this terroir construct with friendly but firm tannins paired with low pH and bright acidity. Sitting above the fog line adds a sense of warm, red fruits (think: raspberry, strawberry and plum) that is balanced with a sense of red rose, rainwater-minerality, and herb. The mostly used barrique allows for the structure of the wine to be predominantly fruit-based which gives it the dual personality and promise of long life in the cellar and dynamic, hour-by-hour changes in the glass.
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