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Place of Production: Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico Type of Production: Artesanal (Artisanal) Agave Variety: 100% Espadín (A. angustifolia) Agave Age: 8-10 years Agave Source: Our private family farm Agave Cut: Coa and machete Oven Type: Conical river stone, covered with natural tarp and earth Roasting Wood: Encino/Live Oak Grinding: Horse-drawn tahona mill Fermentation: Wild open-air fermentation in tubs of Pine and Encino/Live Oak wood Distillation: Double distillation in copper still and coil Water source: Natural well Maestra Mezcalera/Master Distiller: Juana Escobar Bautista Alcohol Volume: 45% Finish: Joven Distilled by Juana Escobar Bautista for the Mestiza Negra Mezcal brand, this Espadin is distilled on copper after grinding via tahona in Santiago Matatlan Distiller: Juana Escobar Bautista Bottler: Mestiza Negra Mezcal Brand: Mestiza Negra Mezcal Selection: ABV: 45% ABV Age: NA Nose: Vibrant and unique on the nose, quite a bit of smoke and agave character. Sour fruit, mango, some clay and earth, faintly lactic. Taste: Sweet on the palate, quite a bit of mango, papaya, honey, some sour fruit on the back palate. A hint of glue and plasticity before a lovely blueberry note comes through. Almost cotton candy-like. Finish: Short finish, mild and quick to depart but not without a berry/clay/ash component to see us off. Overall: Overall, quite nice! Enticing, interesting and complex for an Espadin. The berry character is particularly fun, and makes for a great welcome to drinkers – new and veteran, alike. Thanks for reading!
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  • 5

    12th Oct 2021


    Incredible value

    I was not expecting this, amazing taste! Loved it!

  • 5

    23rd Aug 2021

    yummy mezcal