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Place of Production: Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico Type of Production: Artesanal (Artisanal) Agave Variety: 100% Espadín (A. angustifolia) Agave Age: 8-10 years Agave Source: Our private family farm Agave Cut: Coa and machete Oven Type: Conical river stone, covered with natural tarp and earth Roasting Wood: Encino/Live Oak Grinding: Horse-drawn tahona mill Fermentation: Wild open-air fermentation in tubs of Pine and Encino/Live Oak wood Distillation: Double distillation in copper still and coil Water source: Natural well Maestra Mezcalera/Master Distiller: Juana Escobar Bautista Alcohol Volume: 45% Finish: Joven Distilled by Juana Escobar Bautista for the Mestiza Negra Mezcal brand, this Espadin is distilled on copper after grinding via tahona in Santiago Matatlan Distiller: Juana Escobar Bautista Bottler: Mestiza Negra Mezcal Brand: Mestiza Negra Mezcal Selection: ABV: 45% ABV Age: NA Nose: Vibrant and unique on the nose, quite a bit of smoke and agave character. Sour fruit, mango, some clay and earth, faintly lactic. Taste: Sweet on the palate, quite a bit of mango, papaya, honey, some sour fruit on the back palate. A hint of glue and plasticity before a lovely blueberry note comes through. Almost cotton candy-like. Finish: Short finish, mild and quick to depart but not without a berry/clay/ash component to see us off. Overall: Overall, quite nice! Enticing, interesting and complex for an Espadin. The berry character is particularly fun, and makes for a great welcome to drinkers – new and veteran, alike. Thanks for reading!
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  • 5

    28th Jul 2023

    Paul Ankerman

    Best Value & Quality

    This has to be one of the best entry level mezcals I've ever tasted. Very subtle smoke towards the finish and sweet notes! You can't beat the price!

  • 5

    30th Jun 2022


    Mezcal Mestiza Negra Espadin

    Smooth, very rich, is my go-to mezcal! A consistent hands-down winner for my palet and money book...Thank You very much as it seems new to the market!

  • 5

    18th Apr 2022

    Richard Lemoy

    Amazing Mezcal

    This espadin varietal is one of the best ive ever had! Very balanced and smooth. Not too smokey and hint of sweetness of the agave.