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Our Wine of the Month #2 for October is a gregarious red from Puglia, the hot and sunny "heel of the Italian boot." Made from 100% Negroamaro, one of the standout varieties here, the "Zacinto" from Masseria Cuturi is the style of wine that you can find in a good trattoria or wine bar in Italy. True to its hot and dry Mediterranean home, the "Zacinto" Negroamaro is supple with flavors driven by generous, cordial-like black cherry fruit, mingling with the floral notes of youth, subtle spices including anise. IT nevertheless maintains a mid-bodied drinkability, and like any good Mediterranean wine, that generosity of fruit avoids being too cloying by balancing with an earthy-mineral thread and a characteristic herbal accent of tobacco leaf. The comforting warmth of the wine is ideal for October, as the sun goes down sooner and the air cools a little faster. This kind of wine is perfect with fennel or peppery sausages finished on the grill, or a rich, herbal lentil dish (both typical things you'll find down in Puglia).

Founder Camilla Rossi-Chauvenet is a protagonist in the evolving story in the Italian winemaking scene. It's still uncommon for a woman in Italy to start a winery without having a family already established in the winemaking business, but she started two of them. After getting the first settled in her home region of Valpolicella, Camila went far from home to Puglia. The warmer, more stereotypical "Mediterranean" landscape resonated with her, especially with the cheaper vineyard land and gorgeous nearby beaches along the Gulf of Taranto. It's still a tenuous enterprise, but it's a good sign that her wines are showing up at restaurants and wine bars here in the US!
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