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LISMORE LEGEND 21YR SINGLE MALTSCOTCH $75.99 [#166273]MATURED IN SHERRY HOGSHEAD BARRELS 1800 BT ONLYYou may not have heard about Lismore singlemalt Scotch whisky. That is a good thing because itis one of the few 21-year-old Scotch whiskys that'sactually still at a fair price for a fantastic highly-agedwhisky. Not only is the Scotch outstanding, thepackaging is top notch with its beautiful decanterstyledbottle and round wood container. The noseopened with tanned leather and smoke tones. Thebody has notes of maple, toasted oak, cereal andjust a light hint of persimmon. The finish lingers withallspice and rhubarb flavors. This is arich and full-bodied whisky that retainselegance and balance.ORIGINAL PRICE $$149.99
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