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"Despite its short history, Le Potazzine is universally regarded as one of Montalcino's top dozen or so wineries." - Ian d’Agata, Vinous Media

We agree, which is why they are a staple of our Italian section! We were thrilled to get the latest release of their lovely Sangiovese Grosso, called “Parus,” from the exceptional 2016 vintage. This vintage has made even the humbler wines of Tuscany an even better value, as the quality is up but the prices are still relatively low!

Le Potazzine is particularly known for an elegant style of Brunello di Montalcino with a focus on purity of fruit, and “Parus” is a very pure expression: it’s fermented with the yeast that inhabit the vineyard and aged without oak. The first thing that may strike you is the translucent appearance, much like a Pinot Noir or Nebbiolo, ruby with a subtle orange rim. After breathing for half an hour, harmonious and well-meshed aromas form, combining small red fruits such as Amarena cherry and cranberry, a soft floral note like cherry blossom, the drying leaves of Autumn, and mineral-earth undercurrent like tar and iron. In the mouth the silky texture with a subtle sweetness of fruit evolve into a delicious, harmonious midpalate that mirrors the subtle complexities of the nose, ending with a freshness and light amount of Sangiovese’s classic “dusty” tannin, offering just the right amount of structure to match the delicate body. This is a quintessential medium-bodied expression of the grape, a great value, and a great partner for Autumn meals (Thanksgiving!) and beyond.

Potazzine (Chickadees) are commonly seen fluttering about in the vineyards, and it’s a local term of endearment for children. As the winery was founded around the time owner Gigliola Giannetti’s two daughters were born, it was a perfect name for the family’s endeavor!
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