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We are always on the prowl for wines that over-deliver, wines that taste far greater than their price might suggest. This month, in college hoops parlance, we have quite the dunk! This Valpolicella is loaded with new world fruits and freshness while kept grounded by classic old world structure and style. It blew us away with its quality and easily crossed the line first to be our Wine of the Month 2. Along with the bright, forward flavors and excellent acidity and tannins of structure, this wine is versatile-- whether the weather or menu changes unexpectedly or frequently, this wine will bring its 'A Game' regardless. Buy a few extra for when it starts to warm up and serve with a light chill. Molto bene!

The Morini family has been making wine for over 40 years. The family is fully involved and engaged in the production of wines such as Soave, Valpolicella and Amarone. There are so many family members working at the winery that they barely fit in the group picture. Their Production started at the local Cantine Sociale selling grapes and not bottling anything under the Ilatium label. Finally, in 1992, the family purchased a historic farmhouse from the early 1900s surrounded by beautiful vineyards in the heart of Val di Mezzane east of Verona. The Vineyards, located in three neighboring geographic areas, but with completely different microclimates and soils, provide the ability to obtain grapes with different characteristics and different maturation periods, this also helps with logistics during the frantic times of harvest! That they love what they do is evident in the bottle. We were captivated and believe you will be, too!

Brilliant and bright in the glass, its translucent ruby color beamed freshness in the morning light when we tasted. Quiet intensity and complexity meld with bright zippy fruits in the nose; raspberry, cherry and cranberry. The palate rounds out with additional layers of cedar and garrique while keeping its m
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