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Kikori is a Japanese whiskey born in Kumamoto, a hidden gem on the island of Kyushu in Southern Japan. Kumamoto is renowned throughout Japan for its pristine groundwater that is naturally filtered through the porous volcanic rock and earth of Kyushu island -- and we all know how important water is for rectification.

Kikori is aged between three and 10 years in three different types of barrels, including new American oak that has been slightly charred, as well as some Sherry and French Limousin casks. We use a stainless steel still and a single distillation process using polished rice as the grain, and we chill filter the distillate for our finished product.

Our process results in a distinctively different Japanese Whiskey that is delicate and delicious. It’s beautifully golden in color, with a floral and fragrant aroma along with notes of caramel, tree fruits and vanilla. On the palate, you taste notes of melon and toasted almonds with a faint layer of tart apple, balanced with an oak and sherry flavor and a finish that is both clean and bright.

Kikori, which means the "Woodman" in Japanese, takes its name from Visu the woodsman. He is the stubborn protagonist in a cautionary Japanese folk tale about life without balance. Working day and night, Visu forsook his friends and family and eventually lost everything. Visu’s tale resonates in our fast-paced modern lives and reminds us that to live a fulfilling life we MUST find our own personal balance. Kikori’s philosophy values balance in ALL things: family, work, play, spirituality and of course, extraordinary whiskey.
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