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Jean-Claude Credoz is one lucky man. Not only because he lives in such an absurdly beautiful place but because he is one of the largest landowners on the infamous appellation of Château Chalon, with almost five hectares of vines.The domaine flirts with organic and biodynamic methods but have not committed to restraints they bring; Jean-Claude prefers to be flexible when he needs to be, especially concerning the use of copper and sulfur sprays in the vineyards. Vin de Paille is the French for "straw wine", made only in the ripest vintages. Straw wine, or raisin wine, is a wine made from grapes that have been dried to concentrate their juice. The classic method dries clusters of grapes on mats of straw in the sun, but some regions dry them under cover, on roofs, or on modern racks, while some hang up the grapes or leave them to dry on the vine.

Full body, Rustic, Spicy, Sweet
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