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In the last few years, Jack Daniel's has been anything but dull. We all have marveled at the ubiquity of the brand, with Jack getting both plaudits from high-profile whiskey tastemakers as well as grassroots support from Jane and John Whiskeyfan. What accounts for this meaningful improvement in perception? Adding to their resume of fan favorite formats, today we'll be considering a Jack Daniel's whiskey presented with the Bottled-in-Bond designation. Initially announced in August 2018 as a travel retail exclusive, interest was piqued this summer when it was revealed that the TTB had approved the label for a "Bonded" expression.

This is Bottled-in-Bond, meaning it comes to us at the statutory 100 proof (50% ABV). It is the product of one distilling season at one distillery by one distiller (DSP-TENN-1), and is matured for at least four years (this bottle carries no age statement) in government-certified warehouses. Some consumers consider the term to be an endorsement of quality, while many producers consider it archaic and do not use it. However, because bottled-in-bond whiskey must be the product of one distillation season, one distillery, and one distiller- whereas ordinary straight whiskey may be a product of the mingling of straight whiskeys (of the same grain type) with differing ages and producers within a single state- it may be regarded as a better indication of the distiller's skill, making it similar in concept to a single malt whisky, small batch whiskey, or single barrel whiskey. We are big fans of Bottled-in-Bond whiskies and love that Jack Daniel's is in the club!

Color: Muddled golden-brown.

On the nose: Very fruity, in a rich and inviting way. There's the hallmark Jack Daniel's banana note (in the form of banana cream pie)

In the glass: JD Bonded has a solid, mid-amber coloring. The scent is decidely Jack Daniel's: brown sugar and caramel sweetness, a touch spicy, a touch nutty, plus a touch of char. It's a mellow, subdued scent, although here it is noticeably stronger than is usually the case with Jack Daniel's Black Label.

The flavor holds with the brown sugar, caramel and nuttiness, but to this adds a little creamy, banana milkshake. The finish turns a bit spicy and a bit woody, and lingers for a spell.

This is one of those Jack Daniel's expressions that takes the core flavor profile of classic JD and builds on it, rather than taking it to different places. So, if you like JD, this is definitely something you want to pick up at the one and only Hi-Time Wine Cellars!
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    25th May 2022


    Very Nice

    Great flavor. Nice for sipping. Not as smooth as say JD single barrel or Gentleman Jack but worth the price.