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This is the wine that we perhaps take the greatest care in finding. Sourcing a fantastic wine at $100 is not that hard, but finding a wine of that shows character, nuance, depth, and body at the $20 price can be quite difficult. But we have always been up to the task for you, and this year, we may have found one of our best $20 Cabernets yet! Iron and Sand hails from Paso Robles, the same region that has brought us previous winners such as The Fableist, End Post, and McPrice Myers. The name is a nostalgic nod to the natural draw of the historic hot springs, Iron Spring and Sand Spring, that propelled Paso Robles into a bustling destination known as California's oldest watering place. Iron and sand are also important elements in the wine's classic Paso terroir, as the sturdy iron trellising supports the bearing vines and the alluvial, well-drained sandy soils are the perfect match for Cabernet Sauvignon.

From the very first sip of this wine, we knew we had something special in our glasses. We even opened up a second bottle at a later date (you know…for verification...wink wink) and this bottle was just as good as the first one! Dense purple in color, this wine leaps from the glass with hedonistic aromas of dark cherries, blackberry preserves, and a dusting of cocoa powder and clove. On entry, the ripe, dark fruit flavors hit the palate before giving way to a hint of earthiness and rich chocolate covered cherries complemented by lively freshness and fine tannins that lift the wine towards a long, supple, and mouthwatering finish. Wow!
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