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Fans of Vouvray will need no introduction to Domaine Huet, as this biodynamically-farmed estate is probably the most famed and highly regarded producer in the region. While best known for their still wines, Huet's sparkling wines are also stellar. The bubbles for this all-Chenin Blanc fizz were created with a variation of the methode ancestrale - where the wine is bottled before the first fermentation is finished. This technique results in a more gentle effervescence with a pressure of four atmospheres vs. six for Champagne. Winemaker Noel Pinquet (now retired) aged this 2007 for four years on the yeast prior to disgorgement. After the yeast was removed, Noel added a dosage of still Demi-Sec Vouvray to create a "medium" Brut with 10gr/l of residual sugar. The result is a straw yellow bubbly with the thinnest imaginable strands of bubbles that lift aromas of meadow flowers, biscuits and ripe pears. The pear notions carry over to the palate where they are complemented with flavors of dough, honey and nectarines while inflections of minerals and lemon curd linger in the finish. This is a flat-out charmer that surpasses many famous Champagnes we could name in terms of elegance, flavor interest and value.
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