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Late Bloomer is the late draft pick that emerges as a scoreboard leader. It is comprised of a selection of lots that winemaker Russell From babies for 4 years in a back corner of the winery. Aged without stirring or racking and topped every 2 weeks. The gangly kid on the label is a wine club member whose photo was selected by a panel of "experts" out of a hundred or so submissions from around the globe.

Russel writes his tasting notes like he's writing a story. This year, the notes read: "It's Friday night at the Dixie Skateland, and you've never seen Roberta Rogers looking this good. Cinnamon hair glowing in the roving cherry-plum lights, red and violet and red again. Strawberry lip gloss with lavender bell bottoms. The boys, slapping furiously at the sides of the Star Trek pinball machine, wave you over. But 10cc just hit the loudspeaker, couples are pairing off, and you haven't spent the last hour sucking down vanilla-cola courage for nothing. Tighten the laces, venture to the glazed maple floor, and try to act like you've skated before."
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