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Hendrick's uses a blend of 2 gins distilled in 2 completely different manners then adds Cucumber and Bulgarian Rose petal essence to further enhance the final product; as their motto says . . . “It is Most Unusual.” The first gin uses a small pot still and has the botanicals infused for 24 hours before distillation which makes a heavier, full, oily style of gin. The second Gin uses a 'Gin-Head? type still with a basket of botanicals on the top of the still for the alcohol vapors to pass through to produces a much lighter, more aromatic style of gin. These 2 Gins are blended and then crazy cucumber shows up to party and brings Bulgarian roses as a gift. Describing it is humorous, but the nose is more like perfume than gin--in a good way; there are aromas of rose, cucumber, coriander skin. gardenia, oleander, cinnamon and citrus pith that are closely woven together. The flavor is very floral with a solid spice component to keep the palate awake. It also shows thyme, coriander, cardamom and a persistent tingling. This is very interesting Gin. Try it on the rocks with a cucumber slice or in any Gin cocktail.
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