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Longer, warmer days call for reds that are "bright and punchy," and when it comes to outdoor grilling, we love a fresh, youthful Tuscan Sangiovese! Giacomo Mori's 2019 Chianti - driven by estate-grown vibrant, floral, fruity and savory Sangiovese - might be just the thing! It shows its strengths when paired with savory lean meats and veggies (grilled zucchini & yellow squash, mushrooms, and tomatoes) just off the fire, and well-seasoned, citrus-dressed fish like trout, swordfish, salmon, and tuna cooked hot and fast. We suggest getting the bottle cool to the touch and poured into a carafe or decanter for the table. It looks good and lets the wine open up faster!

This certainly isn't the average Chianti, in style or quality. In fact, it's from just south of the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano zone, so it's better to compare it to those wines! The mid-bodied Giacomo Mori Chianti opens with juicy and vibrant black cherry, red currant, and blood orange reined in by a stony minerality both in texture and aroma. There is Sangiovese character throughout, but its typical dusty earthiness is more reminiscent of a verdant, stony ravine here. The balsam and herbal qualities feel fresher, and delivered with a lighter touch. As the wine opens, it becomes fleshier, with a vinous warmth that's balanced by its bright, fresh qualities. There's the subtle accent of vanilla pod if you're looking, a sign of the gentle oak aging. The fruit-enrobed grains of tannin give gentle grip to the palate, but are still accompanied by gently lingering tangy fruits on the dry finish.

This small Tuscan estate has been in the Mori family since the 1700s, but the serious winemaking began in the 1990s when Giacomo Mori renovated the winery and their ten hectares of vineyards. From the start, they committed to a traditionally-inspired winemaking, but with a use of modern techniques for preserving the purity of the fruit's character. They practice organic farming (uncertified), age the wines with a gentle oak influence, and only use light amounts of sulfur dioxide to protect the wine (which some feel makes for a more 'authentic' expression). Whatever they're doing, we love it!

95% Sangiovese, 5% Colorino & Canaiolo

ANTONIO GALLONI; VINOUS 93 POINTS - "The 2019 Mori Chianti is fabulous. Bright, punchy and full of Sangiovese character, Mori's Chianti pulses with energy from start to finish. Lively acids perk up a core of crushed red berry and floral flavors. The 2019 is one of the very finest editions I can remember tasting. Don't miss it."

"Made from vineyards just outside Chianti Classico, the Mori Chianti is a consistently gorgeous wine that captures the extraordinary purity and translucent finesse of Sangiovese. It's also a steal."AG

"Giacomo Mori is perhaps the single most overlooked producer in all of Tuscany. Specifically, the estate's Chianti is one of the most delicious, affordable wines readers will find anywhere in the world. Mori's straight Chianti is done mostly in cask, with some tonneau. For my money Mori's straight Chianti is one of the most compelling expressions of Sangiovese anywhere in Tuscany. In fact, in any other region, that wine would sell for 50%-100% more." AG
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