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Tasting notes: aged for at least 18 months in American Oak bourbon barrels, the G4 Añejo adds a smooth character. Vanilla and agave notes are present in both the aroma and taste. Slight pepper, soft floral tones as well as smoky highlights.

About the Distillery
·G4 stands for 4th Generation distillers. The Camarena family has been distilling tequila since 1937. The tahona that sits in front of El Pandillo Distillery actually was from a virgin distillery in 1910 that burned in the Mexican Revolution and that is the only thing that survived.

·El Pandillo is the most innovative, forward thinking distillery in Mexico. Felipe is both a mechanical and civil engineer, so he built the distillery as a sustainable distillery honoring tequila tradition and his family heritage while innovating and never compromising quality.

·He designed stone ovens that steam from top and bottom…cooks agave more evenly over 2 days, prevents drying and charring and is more energy efficient.

·The roof of El Pandillo harvests the pure Los Altos rainwater and they use it for distilling the unique blend of 50% harvested rainwater, 50% spring water in G4.

·Felipestein is their tahona - a recycled 19,000 lb. steamroller drum that rolls over a stone bed, slowly crushing the agave with a very small motor.

·G4 uses all copper pot stills for distillation, but captures the steam and uses it to heat water throughout the rest of the distillery.

·Recently G4 Blanco won the IWSC Spirits of Mexico blind judge tasting – not only Best In Category, but Highest Scoring tequila regardless of expression.

·Felipe and his family are 6th generation agave growers – Felipe owns all his own agave and no chemical ever touches the agave through the growth and maturing process.

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