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Item #: 109800
Bottle Size: 750ML
FERNET BRANCA BITTER LIQUEUR 750ML is available for purchase

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Fernet Branca was created in 1845 from a secret recipe-- that even till now-- has never been disclosed, held by the family and unchanged with time. Fernet will cure what ails you, it is a perfect drink to start off or prolong an evening's pleasure. The key to the unique, unmistakable flavor is the result of the highest quality ingredients: at least 27 herbs harvested from 4 different continents, macerated and infused then laid in oak casks for at least a year. Some of the healthy ingredients are: Aloes: The fix all/cure all-- a bountiful natural source of Antioxydants, Aloe is know for its healing powers; Gentian root: grown in the mountains, is a legendary, natural 'pick-me-up' that is known to be an antacid, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic; there is also Rhubarb, Gum Myrrh, Red Cinchona, Colombus, Galanga and Zedoary. Saffron, Mint and citrus....

The aromas are bitter, earthy-- like being in the mountains, you smell grasses and fields and wild flowers all crashing in on you, there is also minty camphor, Gentian, cinnamon and galanga, saffron and a multitude of more delicate scents to be discovered and enjoyed. The flavors are explosively huge and giving. Bitter is an unfair way to describe it because of the negative connotations but that is what it is.. big, bitter, complex and dry. The flavor follow the aromas and are as difficult to pick out. This perfect as a digestivo and a powerful trick in a tasty beverage.

78 Proof


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