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We always look forward to any new release from any of the Gil Family Estate wineries-- their group of small family wineries, scattered throughout the Spanish geography, have an excellent track record with our staff, customers and palates.

This is why we look forward to releases from the Juan Gil family of wines-- they tend to be, like this one, stunning. This year’s release, once again, was a joy to taste and we highly recommend it. Where the 2015 felt bigger, in terms of structure and acidity, then the 2014, the 2016 is at a place in its bottle life that’s all about synergy. Each component is complete in its own skin while contributing to make a better 'whole' wine-- one that smells and tastes lovely. The nose is warm and rich with layers of autumn spice, blackberry compote, dark florals, vanilla bean, incense and balsa wood. Excellent stratification of scents. The palate continues what the nose started: mixed black and red fruit flavors, brown spices, cola nut, black cherry cola. Fine, elegant tannins course throughout, keeping the wine uplifted and lively. The finish is long and near-perfect; waves of black berries and ripe red fruits slowly surf over beds of tannins, allowing the imbiber to enjoy a perfect sunset ride to eventually reach the shore, echoes of fruit and spice as comforting as the white noise of the surf, reminding you of the beautiful journey just taken. 70% Monastrell, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon.
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