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WINE ADVOCATE - 93 POINTS The 2015 Riesling Scharzhofberger Kabinett Alte Reben #3 is super clear, fresh and precise on the deep, complex, smoky and crystalline clear nose. The wine tastes crystal clear, very mineral and almost dry. As complex as it is, it is full and intense, but also light and very salty; its salinity lingers and lingers. This is very well-structured, serious Kabinett of great class!

"No matter whether you picked your grapes early or late, in 2015 you couldn't do anything wrong," Egon Muller said when he welcomed me to taste his 2015 collections (Scharzhof and Le Gallais) in February 2017. "Although in August we still feared a repetition of 2003 and although the weather was unsteady during the harvest, 2015 finally turned out to be an ideal vintage for Rieslings of great aromatic and structural precision, finesse and with remarkable acidity levels of ten and more grams per liter." The mineral character of both Scharzhofberg and the Wiltinger Braune Kupp (see Le Gallais – Egon Muller) shines through, even in the gold-capsuled Auslesen and in the TBA, the latter of which is based on perfect botrytis raisins. In fact, the noble sweet wines are incredibly clear, fresh and aromatic in 2015, which gives them a lean, straight and highly elegant, nearly weightless character. Just try the Scharzhof Riesling to get an idea of 2015. In the Scharzhofberg, Muller harvested three different Kabinett wines, of which I couldn't taste the auctioned AP #4, which fetched a record price for Kabinett at the auction in Trier in September 2016. It was 199.92 Euros exclusive of taxes and tolls! The collection of predicates further includes a Spatlese, three Auslesen (one of which I gave 100 points), a Beerenauslese and a 100-pointer Trockenbeerenauslese. Wines of Egon Müller are rare and terribly expensive, but worth almost every sin.
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