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This is a Barbera that drinks more like an "early drinking" Barolo. Sometimes Barbera veers towards heaviness with plummy, oaky notes. E Pira's bottling shows red cherry, strawberry, and raspberry that ripe and sensuous but complimented with a mix of floral notes that is unusual for the variety. Like her Dolcetto there is a level of acidity here that brings the wine into greater focus without sacrificing the fruit or the up-front pleasure.

Barolo is a place of peasants and royalty. The king of Savoy famously owned a prominent Barolo winery, but the most famous wines today come from old farming families working small plots of land. Chiara Boschis is part of the Borgogno clan who helped define the best of Barolo from the 1760s. Her father and two brothers ran the family winery leaving little place for Chiara. When the last heir of another Barolo farming family, E. Pira, suddenly passed away Chiara bought the historic brand and transformed it. Chiara’s innovations have largely been in the vineyard, reducing yields to focus flavors. During her second harvest at E. Pira in 1994, a concerned neighbor called Chiara’s father to inquire if he thought his daughter was totally nuts—she had simply dropped more crop at pruning than any of the Barolo old-timers had ever seen. Chiara’s methods are hands-on and intense, demanding a small production. She recently doubled the size of E. Pira—from 1,500 cases a year to nearly 3,000. Production on her signature wine, “Cannubi” Barolo is just 800cs.
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