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WINERY NOTES - Ben Ryé 2016 offers an extraordinary rich bouquet with outstanding aromas obtained from the dried grapes: apricots and candied orange peel. It presents delicate hints of Mediterranean macchia. The palate is very fresh and intense, balancing perfectly the sweetness followed by a long and satisfying persistence.

Ben Rye is the result of a unique combination of soil and climate, painstaking attention to detail and limited reliance on technology. The entire production lasts at least three-four months. Harvesting of Zibibbo for drying begins after August 15. The natural process of drying grapes on grates in the sun and wine requires three-four weeks. The objective is the concentration of sugars and aromas. In Septemberr, following a second harvest, must is pressed from extremely ripe fresh grapes. During the fermentation, the dried grapes added several times after de-stemming by hand. During the maceration, the raisins yield their sugars, their freshness and all their aromas to the must. The fermentation ends around the last days of November when Ben Rye reaches its proverbial equilibrium. Aging in vats and in bottle for a total of 10 -12 months
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