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Jean-Claude Pichot’s family is one of the oldest inVouvray, with origins as viticulturists and restauranteursdating back to 1739. The family cellars are located in thecharming village of Vouvray, in caverns hewn from therolling hills which were once quarried to provide stoneto construct the grand châteaux of the Loire. In fact, thePichot home is itself part house and part cavern, with adramatic hearth carved from the rock. Jean-Claude wasone of six sons, but the only one to continue the familytradition of vigneron.Tasting notes: golden raisins on the nose and on thepalate. Grape juicy, like table grape concentrate. Easyto drink, already well-balanced with some elements ofcloves, butter tarte tatin and a touch of maple sugar.Good fruit extension with some grapefruit and apple skinon the finish.
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