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Named to echo the tranquil, supernal timbre of the celebratory hymn shared at the sixth canonical hour known as Vespers, Delamain Vesper is blended from a range of Grande Champagne Cognacs that average out to 35 years of age. Aromas of oak, cedar, roasted oily nuts, golden raisins and creamy bread pudding are the invocation to drink. The flavors begin evocative, copious and supple; they elegantly articulate gorgeous tree fruits with lingering oak spices in an oil-rich silky mouth-feel. All of these nuanced intricacies never rush or build, instead they lumber and evolve each sip revealing another even more recherché taste. The finish comes on with no announcement whatsoever-- out of nowhere the flavors slowly reiterate themselves with ever diminishing intensity until you realize the music has stopped and you are seated in a quiet cloister with a peaceful mind and the memory of something beautiful lilting on you palate. Have this in the perfect glass.
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